3.0pre1 problems: findutils installs in local, texinfo needs ncurses/termcap.h

System manager system at cihs.edu.hk
Thu Mar 8 21:46:52 PST 2001

I'm working through the new book and run into a couple problems.  Please
advise me if I've solved
them correctly.

1) Findutils dumps its binaries into /usr/local/bin even after I tell it to
install to /usr/bin.  Easily
fixed but am I the only one who's had this trouble?

2) Trying to compile texinfo, I ran into an error about a missing
"ncurses/termcap.h" file.  I symlinked
$LFS/usr/src/ncurses-5.2/include to $LFS/usr/include/ncurses and that made
it compile, but I don't
recall seeing that step mentioned anywhere in the book.  Is this a standard
procedure I missed somewhere?  Have I done the right or wrong thing?

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