Quick note about rescue systems.

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Now add an installler and we have our own personal distro!

But seriously: I'm looking for a way to install serveral servers without having to compile anything on them. (eg. no build environment on the server). This seems half the work, now I need a way to grab the required stuff from the build system without just typing "tar czf mylfs.tgz /"

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Just a quick note to say that I actually built an LFS on one machine,
backed it up to a CD-R, used Toms Root Boot to format the new partition,
uncompressed/untarred it onto the new system, and edited /etc/fstab and
/etc/lilo.conf and that was it.  I had a fully working LFS from a CD.
No system degredation, and the system works perfectly.  Thanks to Tom's
Root Boot!  (it comes with an El Torito image as well for making bootable

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