Idea for a new appendix

Gerard Beekmans gerard at
Fri Mar 9 05:45:30 PST 2001

> Still optimist, heh?

Still, yes ;)

> People not reading the book properly,
> neither those parts which are even headered important
> (it is not mentioned in the installation description that I have to do
> that), not at all those package descriptions
> (I do not have this program, which one installs it),
> nor any additional obvious information
> (I thought the sources are for compiling and not for reading)
> (and archives means it is old, doesn't it).
> And now you expect them to read the problems
> and this even _before_ hunting their mouse over the install lines.

True yes, but hey if they don't read may as well unclutter the book in older 
futile attempts to get them to read so at least the layout looks presentable 
again (and will resemble a real book more).

> +1 - I love experiments :)

good ;)

Gerard Beekmans

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