Circumstances that may affect LFS' future slightly

Francois fswanepoel at
Fri Mar 9 06:56:21 PST 2001

That is a minor setback!
Your future employer might already be reading this dicussion-group.
How would a company benefit by employing you and give you time to work on LFS?
(sales-pitch here)


PS: Good luck in finding a new job.

Gerard Beekmans wrote:

> Hi,
> Before anybody panics and thinks the LFS project will be suspended or
> something: no that won't happen. So now that you heart's beating again read
> on.
> Due to circumstances I am no longer working for BC Publishing (they hired me
> to, among other things, continue LFS and related development) since the start
> of this week. I'm without a job right now so I'm busy trying to find a new
> one.
> How does this affect LFS? As said before BC Pub. paid me to, in part, develop
> LFS so I had a few full days a week I could spend on LFS. That's over for
> now. Whatever job I'll wind up with there isn't that big of a chance that
> they will pay me to develop LFS during 'office hours' this means my LFS work
> will have to be reduced to be done in my free time. Effectively that means
> hardly any LFS work since I don't have much free time (the free time I do
> have is spent sleeping for about 8 hours). I have contacted Mark Stone again
> and checked with him if anything can be worked out with VA Linux. He's still
> trying to figure things out, make inquiries and so on but I'm not holding my
> breath on that one remembering what happened last time VA was approached.
> So this catches us at somewhat of a bad time, just before LFS-3.0 is supposed
> to be released. It was still a month or two away at best but with recent
> developments I have no idea where to set a new deadline but don't expect it
> to be released within the next 3 to 4 months unless my future employer knows
> about LFS, sees potential in it and allows me to work on it during office
> hours. That would change the matter of course. But as it stands chances are
> more likely that I will end up with some other job so I'll be reduced to
> LFS'ing a few hours a week at most. Speaking about halting to a crawl ;)
> One thing that could speed up LFS is you guys working on the TODO list. I
> know I've asked it a lot of times but nobody seems to have time either for
> it. That's fine, I am more than happy to do it myself like I always have
> done, but right now it means it will take a while to get done so really all
> the help I can get now is appreciated.
> In light of this I'm postponing other things I had planned such as
> redesigning the LFS website, lfs-3.0-pre2 next week and so on until further
> notice.
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> Gerard Beekmans
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