Multiple kernel installs

Kris Kelley kkelley at
Fri Mar 9 09:10:15 PST 2001

I'd like to say that LFS is an excellent introduction to the world of linux,
particularly the world behind the scenes.  My first run through the LFS book
went off without a single hitch, at least if you don't count me botching the
inittab of both my LFS system *and* the Red Hat system it was installed
from.  Don't worry, I succeeded in fixing both.

My next step is to recompile the kernel, this time paying a bit more
attention to what each configuration option is and whether it is essential
to the system I am building.  I would like this new kernel to work alongside
the one I compiled the first time.  I'm assuming that installing the new
kernel image itself will be fairly straightforward: recompile, copy the new
image to a different file name in /boot, and edit lilo.conf accordingly.
However, I'm unsure of what to do about modules.  Would the new compile
mangle the module directories installed by the first compile?  How would I
prevent that from happening, and, if applicable, how would I ensure that
each kernel image can see the appropriate modules?

I browsed the kernel documentation that came with the source package, but I
didn't see anything that talked about compiling and installing multiple
versions of the kernel.  I'm quite certain there is documentation out there
for this sort of thing, so if somebody just wants to send me a link to where
I can find the answers for myself, I'll be more than happy.  Thanks!

---Kris Kelley

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