lfs bootable cd hint (update)

Jeffrey B. Ferland autocracy at linuxfreemail.com
Sat Mar 10 19:01:16 PST 2001

I figure I'll jump on the bandwagon. I'm going to make an LFS
bootable CD that has all the stuff required to make a new LFS
system, CD burning capabilities, and the ability to be easily
burned to another CD with daemons already built in. Commonly
changed options file (/etc dir) will be held on a floppy, and a
default will be on the CD. Of course, that will all happen just
as soon as I can download all the stuff :(

Anyway, it was planned before hand (mostly because I wanted to be
able to do all my Linux stuff at school on a Winblows system)

C'est La Vie...


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