Autoloading of Modules, the Debian way.

StyX styx at
Sun Mar 11 11:36:38 PST 2001

How could you use two different NIC's on the one eth0 device?

arthur at wrote:
> Can you set multiple aliases for the same device?  For instance, my sound
> card on my machine at work is different from my machine at home, as is my
> ethernet card?  Can I do something like this:
> alias eth0 tulip
> alias eth0 rtl8139
> What if I encounter a machine with both of these cards in it?  We may have
> a few like that here when we expand our training center.  Its best for me
> just to do a listed modprobe.  It only takes a fraction of a second to say
> the device is busy, how is this a waste of the power of linux?
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