[gerard at linuxfromscratch.org: Re: 3.0pre1 problems: findutils installs in local, texinfo needs ncurses/termcap.h]

Steve Bougerolle system at cihs.edu.hk
Sun Mar 11 18:19:50 PST 2001

When you installed ncurses it should have created /usr/include/ncurses/ and

copied the files there. Try to reinstall ncurses and see if that fixes it. 
You may be missing more than just header files.

I solved the problem with the misdirected findutils binaries (must have
been a typo I made somewhere), but this ncurses directory is still not
appearing.  I re-installed the package now and it makes a bunch of curses
header files like cursesapp.h, ncurses.h and so on, but no ncurses
directory!  Reading through the documentation hasn't helped much.

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