3.0pre1 problems: texinfo needs ncurses/termcap.h

Jason L. Smith jloris at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 11 19:42:32 PST 2001

--- Steve Bougerolle <system at cihs.edu.hk> wrote:
> >..but this ncurses directory is still not
> > appearing.  I re-installed the package now and it
> makes a bunch of curses
> > header files like cursesapp.h, ncurses.h and so
> on, but no ncurses
> > directory!  Reading through the documentation
> hasn't helped much.
> Just to make things more strange, I tried texinfo
> again without the ncurses
> directory and this time it compiled and installed
> just fine!  If anybody
> can guess what I did wrong, please tell me!

I don't know what went right or wrong, but I've been
trying to install ncurses for other reasons, and I got
the /usr/include/ncurses/ directory to install by
configuring with the --disable-overwrite option.

Didn't solve my problem, but ncurses is installed!


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