Circumstances that may affect LFS' future slightly

Erika Pacholleck Pacholleck.E at
Mon Mar 12 01:53:46 PST 2001

Why not keep all info in one TODO file like this:
1. item todo
-. further description maybe
-. done by: Name and email
-. remark finished

Technically it could work like this:
- one wrapper page listing 1. item and more items
- 1. item linked to a separate page
- separate page standard header, text in <pre></pre>
- Call the link name and the file the same name

- make yourself a shell script
- accepting $1 remark text and $* file names
- running sed to insert line before </pre>

- make yourself a shell script
- accepting $* the name of files
- running sed on the wrapper page and rm on the file

Just an idea.

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