terminfo-entry and $TERM

Benjamin Traube nerror at web.de
Mon Mar 12 18:06:20 PST 2001

On March 11, 2001 06:06 pm, Benjamin Traube wrote:
> Hello !
> i have a problem, to set $TERM by virtuell terminals like 'screen' and
> 'xterm' when i start 'screen' or a 'xterm' the $TERM is not set to screen
> or xterm, only linux like the default. i havent worked with tic, tput, tset
> and infocmp many, and i dont want to set an
> alias for 'screen' or 'xterm' with setting of the $TERM-variable.
> how can i set it ?
> i think, in the HOWTO this can given, because many peaople dont know this

>xterm should set TERM=xterm by itself. Which XFree86 version are you running?

this was my error. i have set $TERM in /etc/profile, so that was overwriting the
new $TERM which is settet by xterm or screen
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