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There are two thing:
- RedHat 7.0 uses a version of LILO with a kind of GUI frontend to select your boot entry. If you want to specify options you still should escape to the LILO prompt. Check the docs for details.
- The little tux comes with the VGA framebuffer option as described below. If it compiled in the kernel, you can select the videomode using the video= kernel option or the LILO vga= option. Check /usr/src/linux/Documentation/fbdevice (or something close to that) for the available videomodes. There is a sepperate version of this doc for Matrox, allong with some extra kernel options.

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Dans Tue, Mar 13, 2001 at 11:30:19AM +0100, Michel STEMPIN a écrit:
> I just booted my new fresh LSF with success. Although, I am a little bit
> disappointed by the lilo boot: on my RH7.0, I have a little Tux picture and

> the console is at 1024x768x64k. It is not the case with LSF: I only have a
> (very) limited vga option set, and no Tux image...
> How do you do that? Is it in lilo? Does RH7.0 has a modified lilo?
in kernel configuration check framebuffer and recompile it


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