Typo in 2.4.4 LFS?

Björn Lindberg d95-bli at nada.kth.se
Tue Mar 13 05:21:36 PST 2001

On Mon, 12 Mar 2001, Gerard Beekmans wrote:

> On March 12, 2001 01:14 pm, Jason L. Smith wrote:
> > Thanks for the explanation -- I didn't make the
> > across-page connection there.  Of course, I went ahead
> > with my incorrection (it ought to be a word) and sure
> > enough, I have the pt_chown binary in
> > /mnt/lfs/mnt/lfs/usr/bin !  Can I just move this to
> > where it belongs (/mnt/lfs/usr/bin) ?
> yes just move it, it will be allright.

Are you sure about this? since pt_chown gets called by other
programs, I suspect that the path might get hard coded into other
binaries during compilation.


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