gzip, gunzip, zcat

Thomas 'Balu' Walter tw at itreff.de
Wed Mar 14 02:07:39 PST 2001

+-Randy Hron-(rwhron at earthlink.net)-[14.03.01 02:12]:
> gzip, gunzip, and zcat are 3 names for the same executable.
> It changes behavior depending on which command is used.
> Anyway, the tip:
> after moving gzip and gunzip to $LFS/bin:
> ln -f $LFS/bin/gzip $LFS/bin/gunzip
> ln -f $LFS/bin/gzip $LFS/bin/zcat
> (zcat belongs in /bin with gzip and gunzip per the FHS 2.2 beta).
> This example uses hard links rather than symbolic links.
> Hard links are slightly faster and use the same space as a symlink,
> (just a directory entry).

> So the command snippet in chapter 5 could become:

I don't think this is needed here, as Chapter 5 is just a Preparation
for installing the real system.
> In chapter 6 the commands could be:
>  ln -f gzip gunzip &&
>  ln -f gzip compress &&
>  ln -f gzip uncompress &&
>  ln -f gzip zcat

I think those could be changed / added. And I also don't see a reason
for using softlinks (never heard hardlinks are faster though).

But if you delete e.g. gzip the hardlinks would make sure that compress
and others would still work - which is not true using symlinks, correct?


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