lfs bootable cd hint (update)

GijS Molenaar gijs at molenaar.nu
Wed Mar 14 05:52:20 PST 2001

ok. thx for the help :).

I've found a site with a good description of creating a bootable CD.
the url is http://genericbooks.com/Literature/Articles/3/cdburn_2.html .

With a combination of this file, and the file Nicholas Dille created, I'm
happy to report that I've succesfully burned and booted a lfs-CD. I've
created new boot-files, and everything looks good, but now I've a new

When I try to login I get an error, because the /dev directory is read-only,
so I can't write to /dev/tty0. Does anyone know how to solve this? Is devfs
a solution? I don't really know how it works... I'm going to find out _now_

If there's anyone curious about how I've created my bootable-cd, ask
away.... But if you've read the 2 documents, you should be able to do it.


80% GIJS

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