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Michel STEMPIN mstempin at com1.fr
Wed Mar 14 08:22:33 PST 2001

> Hard links are slightly faster and use the same space as a symlink,
> (just a directory entry).

Nowadays, there is not much difference in speed between the two approaches
on modern unices.

Sure, softlinks take more space (one inode + 1 block of data in most cases),
are slower (the overhead for the soft indirection), but they are easier to
see (using ls -l), and they cross file system boundaries: this is to
consider if you build a multi-fs LFS...

On the other hand, hardlinks take just one inode, thus being a little bit
faster, but they are difficult to see (using ls -i and stare at the result
;-)), and they do not cross fs boundaries.

I think these considerations go in favor of keeping softlinks in the book,
esp. if you consider it as a learning tool.

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