new kernel install. instructions for book

Mark Ellis mark.uzumati at
Wed Mar 14 10:42:30 PST 2001

Debian got rid of the symlinks a while ago, confused the h*** out of me for
ages why my symlinks were getting replaced by directories, until I heard about


Gerard Beekmans writes:
 > > I know that at least SuSe has(had?) it the same way as we do, with
 > > symlinks. Since I have never heard of any problems with this (neither here
 > > nor in SuSe times), I belive we should stick to it.
 > So does redhat 5.x, 6.x, debian 2.1 and probably most others too (the 
 > /usr/include/linux|asm symlinks were very common a while ago, though that may 
 > be changing now apparently)

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