lfs bootable cd hint (update)

Nicholas Dille DarkYeti at gmx.net
Wed Mar 14 14:00:51 PST 2001

hi there,

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> I'm trying to create a bootable CD now, but I still have some questions;
> 1> What should my /etc/fstab on the CD look like?

i didn't even use /etc/fstab. since i don't really want to mount anything
apart from devfs and the root filesystem. both are mounted by the kernel
(specified by the root=/dev/cdroms/cdrom0 or root=<your cdrom device> kernel

> 2> How do I tell my kernel where to find the rootfilesystem-image?

oops. should've read this one too ... but:

1) you can use rdev to hardcode a root device into a kernel
2) you can use a bootloader (lilo, grub, ...) to pass parameters to the


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