SIOCSIFBRDADDR: Cannot assign requested address

XeXeN xexen at
Wed Mar 14 23:32:34 PST 2001

Hi Shannon,

I was just browsing through the mailing list archives to find a
potential solution to my problem when I saw yours.

I had the exact same problem as you yesterday night around 2.00am and I
saw the light ;-)

I had copied my ifcfg-eth* from my previous Redhat distro.

The trouble is between the 'ethnet' network init script and the
'ifcfg-eth*' files:
the script uses $IP as a variable for the interface IP address
the file declares IPADDR as the variable holding the IP address.

The script has a value set to 0 for $IP because of the mismatch in the
name of the variables and gives a bogus error message ...

If this doesn't solve your problem send me a reply...

I will ask you only one thing:
I didn't subscribe to the list yet, but I would like you to post this
email to the list so that someone having the same issue gets a reply
from the list ;-)


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