pt_chown WAS: Re: Typo in 2.4.4 LFS?

Rudolf Floers r.floers at
Thu Mar 15 07:39:13 PST 2001

this is from glibc-2.1.3/INSTALL, line 263 to 271:

"One auxiliary program, `/usr/libexec/pt_chown', is installed setuid
`root'.  This program is invoked by the `grantpt' function; it sets the
permissions on a pseudoterminal so it can be used by the calling
process.  This means programs like `xterm' and `screen' do not have to
be setuid to get a pty.  (There may be other reasons why they need
privileges.)  If you are using a 2.1 or newer Linux kernel with the
`devptsfs' or `devfs' filesystems providing pty slaves, you don't need
this program; otherwise you do.  The source for `pt_chown' is in

with 2.2 and 2.4 kernels one either uses devptsfs or devfs, and
hence it's safe to delete pt_chown. (well, at least that's how i 
understand this.)


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