Bryan C. Lee leebc11 at
Thu Mar 15 09:47:47 PST 2001

> > I was doing some grammar checking when I wondered if we should capitalize
> > words like "glibc" at the beginning of sentences. I kinda remember that in
> > books they don't capitalize them because their name in itself needs to be not
> > capitalized. Opinions?
> I don't believe there is a consensus on this.
> My personal preference is to capitalize; after all, words which are not
> normally capitalized are capitalized at the beginning of a sentence.

If it's just a normal sentence, It should be ok to capitalize.  If it is
proper to NOT capitalize the first letter, such as jEDIT, then rewrite the
sencence so that word woesn't come first.  If you're quoting something,
or giving instructions in what to type, make sure what's in the quotes is


Glibc is the GNU C libraries.

jEDIT is an editor written entirely in Java.
	changes to:
The package jEDIT is an editor written entirely in Java.

"ls -lR /" will generate a listing of all the files on your computer.

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