Timezone problem

Pedro Ortigao Pedro.Ortigao at netcabo.pt
Fri Mar 16 01:28:34 PST 2001

> Pedro Ortigao wrote on Thu, 15 Mar 2001 20:14:48 -0000:
> > Which package installs the files that should be under the timezone
> > directory?
> Glibc
> > I guess that it could be glibc but I'm not sure. I'm  using
> glibc-2.2.2 and
> > kernel 2.4.2
> rm -rf $LFS/* and start over with glibc 2.2.1...

There are just too many hours in the process of getting where I am now to do
I'll probably do that, anyway, after I've finnished this first go at the
book, but not now if I can help it.

I've compiled glibc ok with this extra option, which I saw
here: --without-cvs (I don't know what that does). With that option glibc
compiled ok. All other packages installed without problems. From where I
stand I see 4 paths: rm -rf ..., recompiling glibc again, plain copying the
timezone structure from my stock redhat 7.0, and living without tzselect.
(BTW I live in Portugal and my timezone is GMT)

Thanks for your input but it's yet too soon to give up on this system yet.
I've also compiled everything with -O3 -march=i686 and I want to see if it
makes a diference (if this ever gets to the init phase). I'm in a learning
stage and IMHO nothing better than a few problems to really learn and
understand what's involved.


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