unable to mount reiserfs /dev/hda8

didbaba didbaba at free.fr
Fri Mar 16 05:26:49 PST 2001

Le Fri, Mar 16, 2001 at 05:58:22AM -0500 , J.A. Neitzel écrivait : 
> The problem you were having is not because of a bug with ReiserFS and the 
> 2.2.18 kernel. You can certainly use reiserfsprogs-3.x.0h to make your 
> filesystem. You just have to give the proper commandline option to make a 
> 3.5 filesystem instead of a 3.6 one. Then you can use your 2.2.18 kernel.
> `mkreiserfs -v 1 /dev/hda8` would do the job.
> -- 
> Jeff

So, this is the true story :

If you need Reiserfs with 2.2 kernel, you can only mount or use reiserfs 3.5. So the right command is
	mkreiserfs -v 1 /dev/hda8

If you need Reiserfs with 2.4 kernel, you can use reiserfs 3.5 (1st version), or reiserfs 3.6 (2nd version). The command is
	mkreiserfs -v 1 /dev/hda8		or 		mkreiserfs -v 2 /dev/hda8
But if you want backward compatibility you need 3.5. Because there is no implementation of 3.6 in the 2.2 kernel.

I try everything, and it's ok now.

You have to use reiserfsprogs-3.x.0h, x because it's ok for 3.5 and 3.6, with the option -v  ( -v 1 for 3.5 reiserfs , and -v 2  for 3.6 reiserfs ). There is no more reiserfs-utils-3.5 in ftp.

I think that this could be added to the book : -v 1 with kernel 2.2 or compatibility with 2.2, or -v 2 for 2.4 only.
(default is -v 2).

Thank you all.

Now the problems are : 	is 3.6 better than 3.5 reiserfs ? difference ?
						what is the difference between the tree hash fonction : r5 (default), tea, and rupasov ?
But it's another story. Maybe in lfs-apps ?

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