unable to mount reiserfs /dev/hda8

J.A. Neitzel jan.listbox at belvento.org
Fri Mar 16 17:24:47 PST 2001

On Friday 16 March 2001 08:26, didbaba wrote:
> Le Fri, Mar 16, 2001 at 05:58:22AM -0500 , J.A. Neitzel écrivait :
> > The problem you were having is not because of a bug with ReiserFS and
> > the 2.2.18 kernel. You can certainly use reiserfsprogs-3.x.0h to make
> > your filesystem. You just have to give the proper commandline option
> > to make a 3.5 filesystem instead of a 3.6 one. Then you can use your
> > 2.2.18 kernel.
> >
> > `mkreiserfs -v 1 /dev/hda8` would do the job.
> >
> > --
> > Jeff
> So, this is the true story :

<snip didbaba's true story>

Indeed, you have got it all! =)

The man page for mkreiserfs should explain that -v 1 is for 3.5 format 
and -v 2 is for 3.6 format. Yet, it does not. I think *that* is the only 
bug here. I changed my man page to explain this better. Maybe I should 
send the man page diff to the ReiserFS folks...

> I try everything, and it's ok now.
> You have to use reiserfsprogs-3.x.0h, x because it's ok for 3.5 and
> 3.6, with the option -v  ( -v 1 for 3.5 reiserfs , and -v 2  for 3.6
> reiserfs ). There is no more reiserfs-utils-3.5 in ftp.
> I think that this could be added to the book : -v 1 with kernel 2.2 or
> compatibility with 2.2, or -v 2 for 2.4 only. (default is -v 2).

I haven't yet finished looking at the LFS 3.0 pre CVS whatever. But 
unless ReiserFS is mentioned in the book somewhere already, I think this 
is all an exercise for the reader. Gerard and others??? Thoughts???

> Now the problems are : is 3.6 better than 3.5 reiserfs ? difference ?
>                        what is the difference between the tree hash
>                        fonction : r5 (default), tea, and rupasov ?

See the http://www.reiserfs.org/ for all the details to these ?s. r5 is 
the default for a good reason stick with this one imho. Avoid rupasov. 
Website will explain why.

3.6 format vs. 3.5 format does not really matter that much to the end 
user. The advantage of using 3.5 is backward compatible with 2.2 kernels 
like you said. Another advantage, if you are still thinking that you may 
keep your 2.2.18 kernel around and hope to use it with your ReiserFS 
partitions... Better stick with the 3.5 reiserfs format. You can forward 
convert it later to the 3.6 format with a special one-time mount option. 

IIRC, it is ...
mount -v -t reiserfs -o conv /dev/your_device /your_mount_point

Only do this when you are sure that you no longer wish to read or write 
your reiser filesystems with a 2.2 kernel. And, only do it once. You will 
then have a 3.6 formatted filesystem.

Well, I think this is officially OT by now! ;o)
Good luck with it all...
"Computers don't make mistakes, but they do execute your mistakes
	with extreme precision."

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