Cosmetic, yet annoying, issue

go moko gomoko at
Sat Mar 17 07:14:45 PST 2001

--- "Jason L. Smith" <jloris at> wrote:
> Hello all,
> I'm working on the scripts in chapter 7 (2.4.4) and
> I
> have an annoying problem.  Vim works fine, but when
> I
> start it up with a file argument, that file output
> is
> simply overlaid on the current terminal output,
> rather
> than first clearing the screen and then showing the
> file contents.  It's a bit difficult to tell which
> is
> the file, and which is the previous screen garbage.
> I think it's relevant that the 'clear' command does
> not do anything in bash.  Is this just a limitation
> of
> the chroot environment at this point?  Is there a
> way
> to get this all working correctly now, or shall I
> just
> wait 'til I'm further along.
> Thanks,
> Jason

I had the same problem. So I used the vi of my old
distro in a second console, until I reboot on LFS.
After the reboot, vim works fine.
So I can't explain you why, but this problem will
probably vanish after your reboot.

G. Moko

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