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Sat Mar 17 11:11:47 PST 2001

On Saturday 17 March 2001 13:13, Jack Detrick wrote:
> "J.A. Neitzel" wrote:
> > Unless... I am _completely_blind_ ??? And stupid??? (could be ;))
> > Perhaps they have somehow unreleased it??? Suggestions where to get
> > it? Or should I just stick with gcc- ?
> No, I haven't downloaded it.  I read the changelog and especially the
> parts about stricter ANSI standards compliance and therefore decided
> against it.  You should stick with gcc- unless you're a
> programmer and would somehow benefit from having a newer compiler to
> compile your code with.  For the purposes of an LFS system, a
> just-after-release incorporation would probably do more harm than good.

Agreed. From the look of some other messages here I would surmise that 
some mirrors updated, and then the official sites removed gcc-2.95.3 for 
some reason. Well, I'm not blind then. Definitely gcc-2.95.3 does not 
exist at the following locations (as of now) ...

ftp://ftp.gnu.org/gnu/gcc/	(or any other mirror local to me)



I figure if it can't be found on one of the above sites, there must be a 
reason and from that I conclude it should not be used. Logical? Maybe 
not, but oh well *_shrugs_and_smiles_*!
"Computers don't make mistakes, but they do execute your mistakes
	with extreme precision."

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