GNU software updates

Gerard Beekmans gerard at
Sat Mar 17 20:31:14 PST 2001

On March 17, 2001 06:21 am, Marc Heerdink wrote:
> That doesn't happen very often :)
> grep 2.4.2

lfs uses 2.4.2 already

> gcc 2.95.3
> parted 1.4.10
> textutils 2.0.12 (alpha)
> We're gonna see some of them back in CVS, righto?

not any alpha such as textutils. gcc has been questionable according to some 
people that i've read here on the list. A full LFS installation with 
gcc-2.95.3 and some other packages like X, QT, KDE, etc will need to be run 
before making the switch. glibc-2.2.2 will need a closer look as well.

yes eventually all new packages will go into CVS as soon as they are tested 

Gerard Beekmans

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