new packages

Jack Detrick vze24938 at
Sun Mar 18 09:28:33 PST 2001

Marc Heerdink wrote:
> I expect to see CVS updates soon :) I'm gonna do a new LFS today, with gcc
> 2.95.3, glibc 2.2.2, xfree 4.0.3, kbd 1.0.5 (instead of console-*) etc etc. I'll
> let you know how it goes.

Strange, no source for X4.0.3 at  I got the patch
though, will be patching the 4.0.2 tree and checking things out.  Were
you able to find the source?  If so, was there a new doctools package
available with this release of X?  Or can I just use the 1.2 version I
used with 4.0.2?

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