No problems with new packages

Marc Heerdink marc_heerdink at
Mon Mar 19 11:09:18 PST 2001

Hi all

I promised to tell you how my new LFS would go, with:

glibc 2.2.2
gcc 2.95.3
XFree 4.0.3

and all the packages from one of my earlier mails. So far, I didn't encounter
any major problems. I only needed to modify nfs-server and the shadow password
suite a little. Apparently, not all worst case scenarios are true, so I think
the new packages should be used in LFS 3.0. If normal programs (like lynx, X
etc) don't give any more problems, these packages work fine and they can be
used. The C cleanups weren't that bad after all... :)

/me is waiting for GNOME 1.4-final before trying that... and my religion forbids
KDE :P so I didn't test that yet

There is no programming language, no matter how structured,
that will prevent programmers from writing bad programs.
- L. Flon

Marc Heerdink
marc_heerdink at

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