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Fabio Fracassi f.fracassi at
Tue Mar 20 14:15:40 PST 2001

On Tuesday 20 March 2001 19:49, arthur at wrote:
> I would have to agree.  Lilo is getting more and more improved.  I don't
> see any reason to switch to a different boot loader.  More people use Lilo
> than Grub, at least that seems to be the perception.  We should probably
> stick to whats most popular.
Grub has some other advantages over Lilo, if you are intrested have a look at 
the Redme or the info pages of Grub.

I don't want to start a flamewar here, and we already had the discussion 
lilo vs grub, hence only so much, what the majority did has never been an 
argument for something, if it were, this list would probably be named "trying 
to understand Windows" :)


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