Another LFS box :-)

tristan twem2 at
Wed Mar 21 15:52:44 PST 2001

Just thought i'd say, I've got my second LFS box (2.4.4) up and running
with only one hitch and its now successfully working as a router for my
local network, although a lot of refinement is needed.

The one problem I had my /boot partition gained a corrupted super block
sometime between formatting and rebooting, thankfully my other partitions
were safe and i could back up the /boot partition so a backup, reformat,
copy back, run lilo sorted everything out.
This has absolutely converted me to the wisdom of multiple partitions (not
that I needed any convincing anyway) as its already saved me from several
hours extra work.
Anyway, does anyone have any ideas why this happened, from what I remember
the superblock and partition table disagreed with the partition size.


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