Thu Mar 22 08:09:46 PST 2001

Tried it last night.  Then I beat on it, then I wondered at it, then I
grokked it.  Before 2am I converted every machine I have to it.  It's the
only thing that has been able to boot my HPT366 partitions.  And I didn't
even TRY the network stuff, yet.

A boot floppy that can FIND and DISCOVER other boot partitions.  You can
even traverse and  cat/cmp file(systems), Reiserfs too.  The ability to edit
the menu items in the menu makes all the other bootloaders look brain

If it isn't stable, maybe it's because of the network support.  As a strict
partition boot loader, it's solid.  YMMV.

I tested on Win2k, Win98, Win95, ext2, and reiserfs.  I got a kick outta
chainloading grub itself.


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