mawk/gawk (revisited)

Perrin Aybara vze24938 at
Fri Mar 23 17:56:24 PST 2001

That's the thing--when I was still using Glibc-2.2.1 I tried compiling GLU.  When the compilation hung indefinitely, I just figured that was related to your post that the CVS GLU doesn't compile on glibc-2.2.* systems.  I e-mailed you personally to ask you if that was where yours stopped, and I never got a response.  Prior to that point, I also posted to the list and asked you what errors you got with GLU so that maybe the list could brainstorm and figure out what it was.  I never got a reply on either c
unt, and it was by chance that I fixed the problem recently by using gawk instead of mawk.

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