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Simon Perreault nomis80 at
Sat Mar 24 21:15:20 PST 2001

On Sunday 25 March 2001 00:05, Jesse McCrosky wrote:
> I think "exit-code 32" is fairly descriptive

Not at all. An exit-code doesn't mean anything (almost) if you don't have the 
error message associated with it, or if you're not incredibly knowledgeable 
about the internals of a program.

> however, from reading
> your other posts to this list, I understand you have an unique
> perspective.

Thank you. ;)

> typing "mount -a; echo $?" at a bash-2.04 prompt produces the output "32"

Ok, this all good, but what I want is the error message, not the exit code. 
Doesn't "mount -a" produce any output?

> I hope you forgive me for not including the color in this error
> message.

For a week, every morning at 7AM, say 7 prayers for our Lord and God, in his 
infinite benevolence, will forgive all your sins. Go in peace my child.

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