LFS on SPARC (Ultra 5 - Solaris - sun4u)

Danish Qadri dqadri at globix.com
Sat Mar 24 22:31:03 PST 2001

Hi people,
I've read through the book a couple of times, and attempted (somewhat
successfully at one point) to install LFS on a Sun Ultra 5. However, the
last time I did it, I did a quick install of Red Hat 6 on the machine, and
then started the compilation. Now I have a Sun Ultra 5 with Solaris 8
installed, which I want to keep while I build the LFS system.
My question regards the initial static compilation of the packages. My gut
feeling says that I should compile gcc as a cross compiler first, and then
use that to compile the static packages. After I do this, I could reboot
the system and theoretically boot into Linux. After that is done, I could
rebuild gcc as a native compiler, and continue building the dynamically
linked packages.
Also, if anyone has any experience running Linux on an Ultra 5 (in a
workstation setup, not as a server), please let me know... I'm very
interested in any Linux/SPARC setup that is running X with Xinerama
enabled (a multi-monitor desktop). I have Xinerama working in Solaris 8
with 3 monitors (very very nice :) and I would like this to work under
Linux/SPARC as well.

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