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Thomas 'Balu' Walter tw at
Sun Mar 25 02:38:02 PST 2001

+-Chris F.A. Johnson-(c.f.a.johnson at[25.03.01 08:12]:
> > Perhaps you could provide an example prayer?
>  O Gerard, who art in cyberspace, error-free be thy code
>  Thy kernel compileth, Thy will be done in CPU, as it is in CVS
>  Give us this day our daily snapshot
>  And forgive us our doubts, as we forgive our doubtors.
>  And lead us not into Windows, but deliver us from Intel: For
>  thine is the book, and the XML, and the glory, for ever.
>  Amen.

Stop that, my stomach is aching - because of too much laughing..
Hell (uh sorry ;-) Gerard, what have you done to us?,but.not.his.ground-staff-lu
<Nemmus> I thought he was banned to CA 
[on #lfs at - talking about Gerard...]

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