MAKEDEV troubles

Gary Hall Gur at
Sun Mar 25 13:15:13 PST 2001

Long time watcher, first time writer...

I did this (the first line differs slightly from the instructions cos
afaik there is no MAKEDEV in the root directory):

cd /dev &&
sed "s/# 9/9/" MAKEDEV > /dev/MAKEDEV &&
chmod 754 /dev/MAKEDEV


cd /dev &&
./MAKEDEV -v generic

...This gave me something like pts in the folder, then I tried with `hda hdc
hdd' appended to the end... However, I still didn't have anything extra added
to the /dev folder. Thus, I can't boot the system because /sbin/lilo can't find
hda5 (the partition of the LFS system)... Can anyone help? I've tried to get
MAKEDEV to spit out `hda' into the /dev folder but to no avail...

Gary Hall

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