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> --- Rudolf Floers mumbled on 2001-03-23 10.52.51 +0100 ---
> > On Wed, Mar 21, 2001 at 06:35:35PM +0100, Jean-Pierre Schwickerath
> >
> > > If I may add my salt and pepper...
> > > I have alsways been using lilo and I don't see why I should
change. All I need
> > > is something that allows the computer to switch from the bios boot
to the linux
> > > boot using the kernel I want. And usually this is the same
everytime you boot.
> > > (Unless you just compiled a new one and want to test it).
> > > On my system, I don't even see lilo, 'cause I set the timeout to 0
secs. I just
> > > have linux on my hdd and I don't need a wonderful beautiful
marvelous Menu in
> > > 1042x768 pixels with antialiased lightening effects and huge
> > > Why do it simple if you can do it on a complex way?
> >
> > i want to second that.
> >
> > enven if want to be able to choose between to linux kernels or linux
> > and FreeBSD, or sth simliar, lilo still is sufficient.
> Ah, but what if one wants to boot GNU/HURD, either now or sometime in
> the future? LILO has no support for modulated kernel loading.
> Also, GRUB is less complex than LILO due to the fact that recompiling
> the kernel doesn't require re-running GRUB. Once it is setup you can
> forget about it.

And if I might say, it is not simply about which is better. Some people
prefer one, some the other. It is about giving people that choice, as in
a way this leaves one aspect in which LFS is more dictatorial than MDK -
with MDK I got the choice of GRUB or LILO. I prefer GRUB for many
reasons, and installing LILO as part of LFS was not an option, as i
wished to keep GRUB and not bother setting up a lilo.conf.

I will shortly re-do that GRUB-hint as it is a little minimal, not
disparaging the author, but the situation of grub in the market has
changed a little.


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