pt_chown and gettext

Peter Havshøi havshoei at
Mon Mar 26 14:08:40 PST 2001

I think the reason that "pt_chown" do not get installed on LFS 3.0 
when installing glibc 2.2.1 is that it wan't to be owned by "root".
And "root" is not available until after glibc is installed.

This should correct it: (>  add; <  remove)

      sed s,"\$(PERL)","/usr/bin/perl", \
         ../glibc-2.2.1/malloc/Makefile > tmp~
      mv tmp~ ../glibc-2.2.1/malloc/Makefile
>   sed s/"-m 4755 -o root"/"-m 4755 -o 0"/ \
>       ../glibc-2.2.1/login/Makefile > tmp~
>   mv tmp~ ../glibc-2.2.1/login/Makefile
     ../glibc-2.2.1/configure --prefix=/usr --enable-add-ons \
      sed s/"cross-compiling = yes"/"cross-compiling = no"/ \
         config.make > config.make~
     mv -f config.make~ config.make
     make install
     make localedata/install-locales
<   cp login/pt_chown /usr/bin
<   chmod 4755 /usr/bin/pt_chown

After this "pt_chown" are installed as 4755 in /usr/bin (and so is "mtrace").


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