installing bash error, please help

jm3needad jimmyt_97 at
Tue Mar 27 22:50:26 PST 2001

this is the error i get when i issued the command from section 5.2.1
"./configure --enable......"

error " configure: warning: --bindir=/mnt/lfs/bin: invalid host type
        loading cache ./config.cache
        checking host system type... Invalid configuration
'--bindir=/mnt/lfs/bin': machine '-' not recognized

Beginning configuration for bash-2.04 for --
checking for gcc .. np
checking for cc... no
configure error: no acceptable cc found in $PATH"

I tried to check the mailing list archives but didn't find something
did I do a major screw up, would like to kick the habit of re-installing
and hoping it would work next time without finding out what I did wrong
the first time.

thank you for this wonderful project and your future help.


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