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Dave Howell Dave3 at rangercom.com
Wed Mar 28 06:01:55 PST 2001

At 14:03 28/03/01 +0100, you wrote:
>After successfully completing my LFS system :-) I was a bit disappointed 
>that the guide simply ended and didn't go on to explain how to install 
>things like XFree86 from the sources from scratch... I know these sort of 
>instructions are probably found elsewhere but it would be nice if they 
>were included in the LFS manual...
>After searching for instructions on compiling Enlightenment and finding I 
>needed a number of other libraries I was kinda annoyed. I know the LFS is 
>by nature a basic system but still, I would have like to have seen some 
>further instructions or links.
>Gary Hall

The whole point of a LFS system is to build a basic install of linux that 
boots up, from then on you can configure your system to your EXACT 
requirements. There is no point whatsoever in having stuff like this in the 
lfs book thats why the hints section exists. Part of the fun is the 
building the system and learning how to do it on the way. If you dont want 
to learn anything then i think you might be better off using a distribution 
like debian which will do a base install and using the apt command you 
could configure the system to how you want e.g enlightenment whatever. Ive 
been working on my system for a couple of months now since the base install 
was finished and i have it running as a router, smtp server, pop3 server, 
firewall etc..... none of this stuff was in the book but the fun was in 
finding it out for myself rather than using damn rpm's modifying a .conf 
file and not knowing what the hell to do when something breaks!!!!!! i know 
my system inside out now because every file that exists is because i put it 
there, thats the whole point of LFS!!!!!!

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