Taking LFS further...

Gary Hall Gur at btinternet.com
Wed Mar 28 06:11:02 PST 2001

> The whole point of a LFS system is to build a basic install of linux that
> boots up, from then on you can configure your system to your EXACT
> requirements. There is no point whatsoever in having stuff like this in
> lfs book thats why the hints section exists. Part of the fun is the
> building the system and learning how to do it on the way. If you dont want
> to learn anything then i think you might be better off using a
> like debian which will do a base install and using the apt command you
> could configure the system to how you want e.g enlightenment whatever. Ive
> been working on my system for a couple of months now since the base
> was finished and i have it running as a router, smtp server, pop3 server,
> firewall etc..... none of this stuff was in the book but the fun was in
> finding it out for myself rather than using damn rpm's modifying a .conf
> file and not knowing what the hell to do when something breaks!!!!!! i
> my system inside out now because every file that exists is because i put
> there, thats the whole point of LFS!!!!!!

Not the intended reaction. Especially as I said:

"...how to install things like XFree86 from the sources from scratch..."

I didn't mention rpms or debs. I just would have liked a bit of instruction
on installing a few other things from sources.
My ignorance was, however, displayed when I didn't notice the `hints'
section, to which I will add enlightenment if it isn't already there and I
get it installed ok.
I didn't mean to offend any purists, I have tried Debian and it was bloated
imho, 3 discs full of software I didn't need.

Gary Hall

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