Taking LFS further...

David Lautenschlager david.lautenschlager at mcdata.com
Wed Mar 28 07:13:27 PST 2001

See your comment about Debian being bloated with things you didn't need.
LFS is not bloated with thinks I don't need like Enlightenment (X isn't
bloat to me, but for someone on a i386SX 25Mhz it sure would be).  Just
because something seems core to you does not make it core for everyone else.

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> Not the intended reaction. Especially as I said:
> "...how to install things like XFree86 from the sources from 
> scratch..."
> I didn't mention rpms or debs. I just would have liked a bit 
> of instruction
> on installing a few other things from sources.
> My ignorance was, however, displayed when I didn't notice the `hints'
> section, to which I will add enlightenment if it isn't 
> already there and I
> get it installed ok.
> I didn't mean to offend any purists, I have tried Debian and 
> it was bloated
> imho, 3 discs full of software I didn't need.
> Gary Hall

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