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Seth W. Klein sklein at mint.net
Wed Mar 28 10:30:31 PST 2001

ken_i_m wrote:
> At 07:11 AM 3/28/01, Gary wrote:
> >I didn't mean to offend any purists,
> You didn't offend anyone. It is a fairly common question and thus most of
> us have a ready answer (or two) when it comes up. I could echo the reasons
> given by the others. I could even echo you own reason, bloatware distros.
> Seth, perhaps this question should be included at the end of the FAQ
> (http://members.mint.net/sklein/lfs/lfs-faq.html)? You could use any or all
> of the answers Gary got in reply to his post.

Yes, this fits very closely with something already on my TODO
list. I've added it, and items for cron, gawk, etc. will fill
out the section.

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