Installing man - problems?

Thomas 'Balu' Walter tw at
Wed Mar 28 12:50:33 PST 2001

Hello list, hi Andries,

+-Thomas 'Balu' Walter-(tw at[28.03.01 21:39]:
> IMHO the problem is in the way the configure looks for the programs. If
> I've analyzed it correctly it looks for all the files in $DEFPATH, which
> is set using the following construct:


I've diff'ed man-1.5i-configure with man-1.5h1-configure and found a
solution that was okay in the older script, but got "badscripted"
somehow (- deleted line, + added line):

-for i in /bin:/usr/bin:/usr/ucb:/usr/local/bin:$PATH  
+for i in $XPATH
          case $i in
              DEFPATH="$DEFPATH $i"

Another problem that came up was that we use "mawk" instead of "gawk"
here, but usually a link from awk to mawk was solution enough.

How can we add that to the configure-script? 
(Until now we are using a quite complicated ;-) workaround:
     sed s/AWK=/"AWK=\/usr\/bin\/mawk"/ /usr/sbin/makewhatis > makewhatis-new
     mv makewhatis-new /usr/sbin/makewhatis && 
     chmod 755 /usr/sbin/makewhatis


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