LFS 3.0pre1 Suggestions

Peter Havshøi havshoei at vip.cybercity.dk
Wed Mar 28 17:19:55 PST 2001

During install of LFS 3.0pre1 I notice two places where the
commands do not take advantage of "make"'s ability to change
directory before it proceed, the "-C" option.

For Gettext is saves typing 3 lines and for Sysvinit it saves only 1.

There could be a god reason for this, but I have installed LFS 3.0pre1
using these instrictions and it worked.


This is the new install instructions:

    Gettext - Static. (Chapter 5)
        ./configure --disable-nls &&
        make -C lib &&
        make -C intl &&
        make -C src LDFLAGS=-all-static msgfmt &&
        cp src/msgfmt $LFS/usr/bin

    Sysvinit (Chapter 6)
       make -C src &&
       make -C src install

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