A new LFS CVS build

Steve Jones sljones3 at ualr.edu
Wed Mar 28 18:30:03 PST 2001

Just to let ya'll know ( yes I am in/form Arkansas) I've gotten an
lfs-3.0-CVS-2001-03-22 build with devfs, all the most recent packages,
telnet, ftp, and gpm up and running with no problems not already
encountered in the lists ( except for that scroll back brain fart).  And
my system is a little strange:
	AMD K6-3 450
	VIA chipset
	256M ram
	Adaptec 2930 w/ yamaah 4416 CDRW & Toshiba DVD
	WD 20G caviar
	Zip 100
	Radio Reveal
	SB Live
	ATI tv wonder
	ATI Rage Fury Maxx
	Realtec 8139 nic

I Never could get this thing to work right under win9x and now enough
has been done that I think I can get the tv capture to work. Tonight
Lynx. tomorrow X & KDE.  and then on to the video capture.

History: I built the above machine 18 mounths ago because my K6 200Mhz
just didn't have the horse power to do realtime video capture/recording
(also so the old one could be a full linux box) and then I find out that
win and the VIA chipset don't play nice.  I've been here for about a
year now mainly waiting for ATI to get their shit together on linux and
I think with X403 I've finally got a chance.  Yes I know that the vid
card is too much but I'm not giving up thet HW MPEG on it!

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