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Hi, I'm not a member of this list, so I apoligize if this has already
been covered.

Regarding the linking of /bin/bash to /bin/sh, the author says that this
is because /bin/sh should be set to the systems default shell. This is

The program /bin/sh is the POSIX shell, and must be fully POSIX
complient. Because the source code for /bin/sh is commercial software,
it is not included in any GNU/Linux system. Because bash is a superset
of the POSIX sh, it is linked to /bin/sh in order to emulate it. A lot
of distributions use a cut-down version of bash, or an earlier version.
Because /bin/sh is only really used for running scripts, it does not
need support for readline, NLS, etc.

I hope this leads to greater reader understanding.

Please direct any replies to my email.

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