2.4.2 Kernel and modules

Matthias Minich matthias at planet-minich.de
Fri Mar 30 02:40:42 PST 2001

not sure (i'm not an expert...), but did you download the latest modutils?
they are different than the ones before... (find them at www.kernel.org)

cu, matthias

> Hi,
> I've now reached the "end" (missing networking) of my first lfs
> system with a
> 2.4 kernel ( I had already one with a 2.2.16 some time ago). But
> I'm having
> serious troubles with the kernel modules. In fact I can't load any.
> While compiling I get a lot of warnings: /usr/include/linux/????.h :line:
> warning: multi-line string literals are depreciated
> but this shouldn't be the problem.... It's the new gcc-3.0 I think.
> When I try to load a module, whichever it may be, I get a lot of
> unresolved
> symbols. Reaching from kfree, kmalloc through schedule and __wake_up
> Really strange. And this from the vfat module to the usb-module
> over any nls
> one.

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