2.4.2 Kernel and modules

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Fri Mar 30 09:09:09 PST 2001


I've now reached the "end" (missing networking) of my first lfs system with a
2.4 kernel ( I had already one with a 2.2.16 some time ago). But I'm having
serious troubles with the kernel modules. In fact I can't load any. 

While compiling I get a lot of warnings: /usr/include/linux/????.h :line:
warning: multi-line string literals are depreciated 
but this shouldn't be the problem.... It's the new gcc-3.0 I think.

When I try to load a module, whichever it may be, I get a lot of unresolved
symbols. Reaching from kfree, kmalloc through schedule and __wake_up
Really strange. And this from the vfat module to the usb-module over any nls
I know unresolved symbols from modules that had dependencies that modprobe
could not solve, but modules like vfat have no dependencies... 
I even tried to recompile modprobe with --enable-use-syscall 'cause I worried
about the gblic-2.2.2 but no chance. 
In /proc/sys/kernel/modprobe I have /sbin/modprobe which is a symlink to

I didn't have any troubles with modules of the 2.2.16 system and I wonder if
the 2.4 needs something new to be set up... 
Oh yeah, depmod -a gives me also the unresolved symbols for the modules. 
And I get to strange lines at the beggining saying '-- failed : too many
symlink levels' but there is no name, nothing but twice this message. Anyone
knows what this refers to ?
A last thing, when I get the specified part of the kernel I want as module
compiled into the kernel it works. I mean for the vfat module. If I get it into
the kernel I can access vfat partitions. So it's really a problem with the
module loading, not the kernel missing something I didn't select...

Does someone have a hint on what the kernel wants, that I forgot?


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